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2017-11-30 [E] [D]
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Nice active noise-cancelling headphones.

Some manuals

2016-11-26 [E] [D]
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My new toy is a Lenovo Yoga Pro Tab3 10. My older tablet's battery was getting flakey, and I accidentally broke the screen (it's still usable though).

A while ago I was pondering about buying a digital projector (rather than a TV), but they seemed quite expensive. This tablet has an internal, simple projector, so it's a good way to see if I would use it a lot.

Some reviews: 1 2 3 4

So far it seems like a pretty nice tablet, and the projector is better than I expected (for my requirements). I only hope it will last as long as my tablet, as I haven't found any data about the lifespan of the projector.

2016-10-31 [E] [D]
hardware,linux Comments 0

Bought a eID & smart card reader, because it seems like something you need urgently at night when all stores all closed.

It works, installing pcsclite, and then starting it using

 sudo pcscd --debug --foreground

To use the eID: first install the eID middleware (eid-mw) from (just a configure && make && make install, mirror) and download the eid-viewer.jar (mirror).

java -jar eid-viewer.jar
should now show the contents of your eID.

To use the eID in firefox: install eID Belgium firefox addon (in firefox), and check if you can open it in e.g.

2015-08-24 [E] [D]
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After attempting to extract annotations from my Sony PRS-350 a long time ago, and finding only a very strange format, I decided to not pursue it further (especially as the Internet didn't have any clue about it neither).

Now that I have acquired a new ereader, the kobo aura, I thought I'd visit this topic again, but with my new toy.

My main reason to do this is that I often highlight words in ebooks for lookup. It would be great to extract them so I can have them offline for later reference and practice.

For the Kobo Aura this proves to be a breeze. Thus I made a bash script that will do all of this at once for all books for which there are annotations, and output a HTML table containing the definitions.

Download it from: (6 KiB, modified on 30 December 2015, MD5 86534491a86304faa566ce573a5b6da5) and run html -d ./dict/ (with your Kobo connected) to create an HTML file.

The read more link shows some more details, and contains a listing of the file.


2015-08-13 [E] [D]
android,hardware Comments 1

At night, everything is silent.

If you then play some music on an Android device during these hours without headphones, the minimum volume can still be too loud. I tried using XVolume, which didn't work on my tablet.

A solution that worked for me 1 was the DSP Manager & Equalizer Free app (it has sane permission requirements :))

One can just lower the volume of all frequencies to have a general lower volume!

2015-06-18 [E] [D]
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Acquired a new piece of hardware today: the Kobo Aura. I already have an e-reader (Sony PRS 350), however it lacks a light, and its battery would not survive two weeks without power.

So far, the kobo seems to reacts a bit faster, has built-in wifi (with a bookstore), and some decent dictionaries that are easy enough to replace (unfortunately, there can't be more than the predefined ones)

2014-08-30 [E] [D]
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Media player. Small, good life time, bit small screen. It works awesome with rockbox :)

2014-05-31 [E] [D]
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Got myself yesterday a Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10, a 10.1" Android 4.2 tablet.

I finally decided to get a tablet, as it might be useful when playing some piano and not having to look at my laptop. Now I can just comfortably put it on my sheet music stand, and display anything I need.

I chose to get this one, as it was immediately available, not too small nor too large, with good battery life (18 hours, they report) and reasonably priced.

So far, it feels sturdy, the stand mode is quite enjoyable. The camera lacks in quality (but well, it's not as if I'm going to use it as my main camera), browsing is sometimes a bit slow (I think, as I can't really compare with other tablets) and the minimum volume is way too loud (but is a problem in general with Android, it seems).

If I find any valuable apps, I'll update this post :)


2011-11-01 [E] [D]
prs-350,hardware Comments 0

Some upgrades to devices

Trying to find out how pdf's pdfloc works.


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