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2017-04-16 [E] [D]
android Comments 0
  • WARNING 1: this is only tested for the 2GB version. It will probably brick the 4GB version.
  • WARNING 2: performing an OTA update from Android 5.1 to 6 will remove the root capabilities, so you'll have to redo the whole process. For 6.x (Marshmallow) the process differs from the 5.x (Lollipop). The post is updated to show where the steps differ.

Have been looking for a way to root my Lenovo Yoga Pro Tab3 10. Here's how I did it. Thanks to the guys from xda-developers [1]!


  • Backup all personal data from your LYTP3 to a safe host, as your device will be wiped and formatted completed;
  • Format a 4GB SD card and insert it into the LYTP3;
  • Download twrp-, and unzip it onto your computer.


2015-08-13 [E] [D]
android,hardware Comments 1

At night, everything is silent.

If you then play some music on an Android device during these hours without headphones, the minimum volume can still be too loud. I tried using XVolume, which didn't work on my tablet.

A solution that worked for me 1 was the DSP Manager & Equalizer Free app (it has sane permission requirements :))

One can just lower the volume of all frequencies to have a general lower volume!

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