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Trade scripts
2017-07-31 [E] [D]
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Just a quick script that adds some information to tables on \


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read more... speed column
2017-02-24 [E] [D]
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I sometimes look at the intervals table of my workouts of my favourite run log It's missing a speed column though, which I sometimes prefer over a pace. This little script adds it :)

I've only run it so far in


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PHP MySQL Explorer
2016-09-22 [E] [D]
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I was looking for a web-based project that allows one to do CRUD operations in an easy way, without needing a complex GUI such as phpMyAdmin or adminer. A very limited amount of good solutions were found, so I set out to create my own project: PHP MySQL Explorer (PME for short?)

The project is very easy to setup: git clone or just download the latest version.

Rename the file index.php to something else (or just keep it that way), add a configuration file, which has the same name but the suffix .inc.php instead of .php, and add the following minimal data to the file


$host='localhost'; // where to connect to -- usually something like localhost
$db=''; // MySQL database name
$user=''; // MySQL username
$pw=''; // MySQL password for the user

Now you can just browse, edit, update and delete rows on all tables. If the database is designed with foreign keys, it will take those into account and create links where necessary.


You can try it out on the demo page, with username demo and password demo.

Add a file to a bare git repository
2016-07-26 [E] [D]
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On this server I host several git repositories, and sometimes I want to add update a single file in a large repository. It would be quite convenient if I could just update the bare repository without doing a checkout (it saves on space, no trouble with outdated repositories etc)

Obviously, someone on the internet already had asked the same question. I just put it in a nice script, with a simple test to ensure it works :)

You can download the script called git-bare-add, and view the source of the script below.

Usage is quite simple: git bare-add [-b $BRANCH] $BARE-REPO $REL-PATH $NEW-ABS-FILE $COMMIT-MSG

Here, $BARE-REPO is the path to the bare repository, $REL-PATH the path to the file inside the repository that should be updated. $NEW-ABS-FILE is the absolute filepath to the file that should be copied to $REL-PATH inside the repository. $COMMIT-MSG is (obviously) the commit message.

One can also edit a file in place, by using the option --edit and dropping the $NEW-ABS-FILE parameter: git bare-add --edit [-b $BRANCH] $BARE-REPO $REL-PATH $COMMIT-MSG

To perform some tests: git bare-add --test

It should be relatively safe to use this script, since it makes use of git porcelain stuff.

Note that there is no safety regarding multiple simultaneous accesses. Thus it is best used on a repository where you are for sure the only writer (during the whole length of the edit), since I think it will ignore commits made while edits are being made.


Wilkinson-Rogers to code
2016-05-11 [E] [D]
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Wilkinson-Rogers to code convertor. Look at wilkinson2formula.html for more info!

Youtube URL extractor
2016-03-04 [E] [D]
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Some web pages (e.g. reddit) aggregate a lot of useful youtube links, but provide no way of playing them all, without adding them manually in a playlist.

That is where my next little project comes in. You give it an URL, it looks for all the URLs that look like they point to a youtube video, generates a list and a video player that will automatically play them all.

Usage is very simple:

Currently there is a limit of 120 videos, imposed by the youtube API.

Try it out on following resources

C++ wrapper for MATLAB / octave
2016-01-07 [E] [D]
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For simulations I need to call functions in MATLAB and retrieve results from within a omnet++ simulation. There is documentation, however, it took me a while before I got it all working. So, I ended up with a small wrapper class that allows one to evaluate MATLAB code in a running MATLAB instance.

Because MATLAB has to start up the GUI every time the simulation starts (edit: I discovered it has a flag -nojvm -nodisplay -nodesktop which speeds this up), it gets quite slow and annoying, and thus I also looked at writing a wrapper for octave, a language that is largely compatible with MATLAB. Another advantage of using octave, instead of MATLAB is that octave is a shared library that runs in the same process, so one can pass around pointers.

By flipping a switch, the code will be either MATLAB or octave based.

The source and very simple, small examples can be found in source.tgz (5 KiB, modified on 27 January 2016, MD5 0b00489725ee2afbd929429f004c2355)

Click the read more link for some more info. read more...

Extract annotations from the Kobo Aura
2015-08-24 [E] [D]
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After attempting to extract annotations from my Sony PRS-350 a long time ago, and finding only a very strange format, I decided to not pursue it further (especially as the Internet didn't have any clue about it neither).

Now that I have acquired a new ereader, the kobo aura, I thought I'd visit this topic again, but with my new toy.

My main reason to do this is that I often highlight words in ebooks for lookup. It would be great to extract them so I can have them offline for later reference and practice.

For the Kobo Aura this proves to be a breeze. Thus I made a bash script that will do all of this at once for all books for which there are annotations, and output a HTML table containing the definitions.

Download it from: (6 KiB, modified on 30 December 2015, MD5 86534491a86304faa566ce573a5b6da5) and run html -d ./dict/ (with your Kobo connected) to create an HTML file.

The read more link shows some more details, and contains a listing of the file.


2015-07-25 [E] [D]
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Trying to manage tasks more efficiently, I created a new project that reads todo.txt files, but with the added benefit of supporting dependencies! Read more about it on the project's page

2015-05-26 [E] [D]
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Call me old-fashioned, but I like feeds: they're clean, they're fast, they're sort of local. The problem is, however, not all sites provide an atom (or RSS) feed, and if they provide one, it sometimes is more than I want.

E.g. someone recommended the language articles by Michele Berdy at The Moscow Times. It provides a RSS feed to all opinions, but not to a specific subset. It does, however, give a HTML listing of most recent articles.

I went out for a quick look on the webz, and found a couple of paying services, and the free Feed Creator byte It seemed to do what I want, but as it wasn't open source and actually seemed quite easy, I did a very basic implementation myself.

The hosted version can be found at, is self-documenting and its source can be downloaded from my git repo

An example for the above site:

It contains three entries:

Currently, there are a couple of keys available that can be used. Values are first converted to lowercase, unless otherwise noted.

In the future there'll be some additions, which are probably documented only on only.

Feel free to use in any way you see fit, and let me know if it suits you in any way :)

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