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2016-07-31 [E] [D]
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Never before published (well, now they are ...) photos from National Geographic's archive

2016-07-26 [E] [D]
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On this server I host several git repositories, and sometimes I want to add update a single file in a large repository. It would be quite convenient if I could just update the bare repository without doing a checkout (it saves on space, no trouble with outdated repositories etc)

Obviously, someone on the internet already had asked the same question. I just put it in a nice script, with a simple test to ensure it works :)

You can download the script called git-bare-add, and view the source of the script below.

Usage is quite simple: git bare-add [-b $BRANCH] $BARE-REPO $REL-PATH $NEW-ABS-FILE $COMMIT-MSG

Here, $BARE-REPO is the path to the bare repository, $REL-PATH the path to the file inside the repository that should be updated. $NEW-ABS-FILE is the absolute filepath to the file that should be copied to $REL-PATH inside the repository. $COMMIT-MSG is (obviously) the commit message.

One can also edit a file in place, by using the option --edit and dropping the $NEW-ABS-FILE parameter: git bare-add --edit [-b $BRANCH] $BARE-REPO $REL-PATH $COMMIT-MSG

To perform some tests: git bare-add --test

It should be relatively safe to use this script, since it makes use of git porcelain stuff.

Note that there is no safety regarding multiple simultaneous accesses. Thus it is best used on a repository where you are for sure the only writer (during the whole length of the edit), since I think it will ignore commits made while edits are being made.


2016-07-26 [E] [D]
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Soft pastel.

A visit to the zoo inspired me to try and draw the European bee-eater. The colors are not good, but I can't correct them anymore -- to much layers of soft pastel already :(


2016-07-15 [E] [D]
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DERWENT waterbrush pen and a little pencil.


2016-07-11 [E] [D]
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2016-07-05 [E] [D]
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Still crazy about Tom Wait's Burma Shave / Summertime, after all those years. Going to try to collect all different versions of it here. :)

Burma Shave is an American shaving-cream company, like Colgate. They advertise on the side of the road and they have these limericks which are broken up into different signs like pieces of a fortune cookie. You drive for miles before you get the full message. "PLEASE DON'T"... five miles... "STICK YOUR ARM OUT SO FAR"... another five miles... "IT MIGHT GO HOME"... five more miles... "IN ANOTHER MAN'S CAR - BURMA SHAVE." They reel you in. So when I was a kid I'd see these signs on the side of the road - BURMA SHAVE, BURMA SHAVE - and I'm young and I think it's the name of a town and I ask my dad, "When we getting to Burma Shave?" So in the song I used Burma Shave as a dream, a mythical community, a place two people are trying to get to. They don't make it." (Tom Waits in Time Out magazine,interview by Richard Rayner. Date: New York, October 1985)

  • "Tom Waits Live" At Beacon Theater New York (1979-11-05) source [20:10 - 32:55]
  • "Tonight In Person", BBC Studios, London (1979-07-27) source [20:46 - 29:18]
  • "Austin City Limits", Austin (1978-12-05) source
  • Summertime/Burma shave, Sidney State Theater, Australia (1979-05-02) source

You can stream them all from! :)


2016-06-28 [E] [D]
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It's been a very long time since I've drawn anything of importance, so bear with me :)


Drawn with a DERWENT waterbrush pen. It's fancy and quite enjoyable to work with. The shaded colors are done with Indian ink mixed with water.


2016-06-24 [E] [D]
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2016-06-20 [E] [D]
diy,drawing Comments 0

Trying to get back into drawing and painting and stuff. And I needed something to work on, an easel, which is quite expensive given it's just a bit of wood and some nails ;) This DIY (Dutch) seems simple enough that even I can make it :)

If using cheap wood, be sure not to have too wide screws, or your wood will crack a little.


2016-05-18 [E] [D]
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What happens after formal elements have been addressed? Break stuff!

Vijay Iyer calls the break “a span of time in which to act. It’s the basis for breakdowns, breakbeats, and break dancing... it can be the moment when everything comes to life.” A number of the pieces here are breakdowns of other Iyer constructions. Some are from a suite premiered at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, some derive from Open City, a collaboration with novelist Teju Cole and large ensemble. The trio energetically recasts everything it touches. “Hood” is a tribute to Detroit techno pioneer Robert Hood. On “Work”, Vijay pays homage to his “number one hero”, Thelonious Monk. “Countdown” reconsiders the classic Coltrane tune inside a rhythmic framework inspired by West African music. “Mystery Woman” is driven by compound pulses which owe a debt to South Indian drumming. Fast moving and quick-witted, the group has developed a strong musical identity of its own, with an emphasis on what Iyer calls “co-constructing”, exploring all the dynamics of playing together. Yet the three players also get abundant solo space and, in a reflective moment at the album’s centre, Iyer plays a moving version of Billy Strayhorn’s “Blood Count” alone. Break Stuff, recorded in June 2014 at New York’s Avatar Studio and produced by Manfred Eicher, is the third ECM release from Vijay Iyer. It follows the chamber music recording Mutations and the film-and-music project Radhe Radhe: Rites of Holi.

Listen to the Trio perform it [].

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