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2017-02-11 [E] [D]
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2017-02-06 [E] [D]
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Always something breathtakingly beautiful to discover from the man:

For some unofficial sheets, look at this post

2017-01-19 [E] [D]
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One of Belgium's finer free-spirit Dutch singers is Raymond van het Groenewoud, who kicked off his solo tour in de Roma.

You can have a listen on :)

2017-01-01 [E] [D]
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I track visitors to this website using piwik, just for my own entertainment.

Some general visit statistics:

  • 2,341 visits
  • 1 min 5s average visit duration
  • 62% visits have bounced (left the website after one page)
  • 1.9 actions (page views, downloads, outlinks and internal site searches) per visit
  • 0.64s average generation time

  • 4,042 pageviews, 2,877 unique pageviews
  • 0 total searches on your website, 0 unique keywords
  • 245 downloads, 214 unique downloads
  • 266 outlinks, 248 unique outlinks
  • 54 max actions in one visit (I think this one probably is from me, while my actions were logged and I was testing something :))


2016-12-29 [E] [D]
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I was trying out to see if I could use my new tablet Lenovo Yoga Pro Tab3 10) as an external screen and projector.

The most obvious method to try this is using VNC (I haven't tried anything else yet). The script below will setup everything for you.

On the server I used TigerVNC's x0vncserver. On the host side I used AndroidVNC. For anything that is not moving (like viewing photos and reading text) this approach is doable over wifi, however watching video will require you to either cut in color depth or have a lot of patience :)


# Source:
# *

# NOTE if something goes wrong, use next command to reset the screen to the default
# xrandr -s 0

SCREEN_W=1920 # Alternate
W=2560; H=1600; R=60.00 # Lenovo Yoga Tab Pro 3
W=800; H=600; R=60.00 # Lenovo Yoga Tab Pro 3 projector
MODELINE=$(gtf $W $H $R|g\rep Modeline|cut -f4- -d' ')
CUR_SCREEN=$(xrandr|grep ' connected '|cut -f1 -d' ')

xrandr --newmode $MODELINE
xrandr --addmode VIRTUAL1 "$VIRTUAL_MODE"
xrandr --output VIRTUAL1 --mode "$VIRTUAL_MODE" --right-of "$CUR_SCREEN"

IP=$(ifconfig  |grep '192\.168\|10\.0' | awk '{print $2}')
echo foo | vncpasswd -f > /tmp/vncpasswd
echo "Connect from your Android device using a VNC client to "
echo "$IP : 5900 using the password 'foo' (no quotes)"

# Part of tigervnc
x0vncserver --Geometry=${W}x${H}+${SCREEN_W}+0 --PasswordFile=/tmp/vncpasswd

2016-11-26 [E] [D]
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My new toy is a Lenovo Yoga Pro Tab3 10. My older tablet's battery was getting flakey, and I accidentally broke the screen (it's still usable though).

A while ago I was pondering about buying a digital projector (rather than a TV), but they seemed quite expensive. This tablet has an internal, simple projector, so it's a good way to see if I would use it a lot.

Some reviews: 1 2 3 4

So far it seems like a pretty nice tablet, and the projector is better than I expected (for my requirements). I only hope it will last as long as my tablet, as I haven't found any data about the lifespan of the projector.

2016-11-20 [E] [D]
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Stephen King

11/22/63 (2011)

11/22/63 cover


2016-10-31 [E] [D]
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Bought a eID & smart card reader, because it seems like something you need urgently at night when all stores all closed.

It works, installing pcsclite, and then starting it using

 sudo pcscd --debug --foreground

To use the eID: first install the eID middleware (eid-mw) from (just a configure && make && make install, mirror) and download the eid-viewer.jar (mirror).

java -jar eid-viewer.jar
should now show the contents of your eID.

To use the eID in firefox: install eID Belgium firefox addon (in firefox), and check if you can open it in e.g.

I was looking for a web-based project that allows one to do CRUD operations in an easy way, without needing a complex GUI such as phpMyAdmin or adminer. A very limited amount of good solutions were found, so I set out to create my own project: PHP MySQL Explorer (PME for short?)

The project is very easy to setup: git clone or just download the latest version.

Rename the file index.php to something else (or just keep it that way), add a configuration file, which has the same name but the suffix .inc.php instead of .php, and add the following minimal data to the file


$host='localhost'; // where to connect to -- usually something like localhost
$db=''; // MySQL database name
$user=''; // MySQL username
$pw=''; // MySQL password for the user

Now you can just browse, edit, update and delete rows on all tables. If the database is designed with foreign keys, it will take those into account and create links where necessary.


  • CRUD operations on tables in a basic but function GUI
  • Written in PHP *(dunno if that's a feature?) using PDO
  • Automatically creates links using the foreign key constraints (hence the database must be a InnoDB, and not a MyISAM)
  • Additional user system
  • Permissions for users for any of the CRUD operations on any table using a simple rule system
  • Configurable (and includes a configuration generator)

You can try it out on the demo page, with username demo and password demo.

2016-09-20 [E] [D]
bash,linux,osx,bsd Comments 0

ssh-copy-id is a very useful tool to quickly gain passwordless access to a server. However, it does not always work right away.

I've encountered this problem enough times to have written a script that will check for possible problems.

It requires 1 argument, the host to connect to, and will request for a password on the command line. Then it will check all of the following, which are known to cause some problems:

  • are there public key files?
  • sshd_config at the host
  • permission of .ssh/authorized_keys, ~/.ssh and ~

The source code can be view below, and downloaded on this link.

The requirements:

  • expect
  • ssh (obviously)
  • perl (to obtain permissions in a OS-agnostic way)

If you know other causes of problems, please inform me so I can add them :)


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