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2012-05-08 [E] [D]
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Sometimes I have a file containing in some column a list of numbers, of which I want to have some basic numbers calculated, like sum, average, and standard deviation. Here are some bash "one liners", finishing with a grand finale doing all together. Assume our data is in the 4th column of file $file.

Note I say bash here, but actually it works in any "normal" shell since it just makes use of binaries file, paste, bc, sort and awk.


cut -f4 $file | paste -sd+ - | bc


2012-05-06 [E] [D]
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A beautiful series of very interesting episodes from Channel 4, each of which is centered around an iconic big animal, like a crocodile, a giraf, or an elephant etc.

In such episode the animal is completely dissected, and its anatomy is discussed by experts that highlight the intriguing and unique features. So expect lots of guts gushing out, tendons being pulled, and larynxes being blown! :)

It is presented by Mark Evans (apparently, a TV presenter and Veterinary surgeon), and is assisted by Richard Dawkins, who provides some spare evolutionary commentary, Simon Watt and comparative analyst Joy Reidenberg.

Only disadvantage is that each of the episodes is about an hour long, so not all interesting traits are discussed.

View the episodes on the youtube channel!

2012-05-06 [E] [D]
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2012-04-12 [E] [D]
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I switched from dokuwiki to PieCrust because it looked cute, dokuwiki was slow and I barely used its features.


2012-03-28 [E] [D]
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2012-01-28 [E] [D]
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Old Russian famous and popular cartoon Cheburashka :) With subtitles in English using my awesome ytsubs! :)

2011-11-24 [E] [D]
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Rolling Stone published a list of the 100 best guitarists. Albert King, ranking 13th, said after he opened for Jimi Hendrix at the Fillmore in 1967

I taught [Hendrix] a lesson about the blues, I could have easily played his songs, but he couldn't play mine.

Albert King

2011-11-23 [E] [D]
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Your foot’s centerpiece is the arch [...] The beauty of any arch is the way it gets stronger under stress; the harder you push down, the tighter its parts mesh. No stonemason worth his trowel would ever stick a support under an arch; push up from underneath, and you weaken the whole structure.

Christopher McDougall, Born To Run, p126

What kind of stonemason are you? Free your feet! :)

2011-11-14 [E] [D]
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A friend mentioned to me there are full Russian movies available, some with, but most without subtitles. To be able to view these with subtitles, I made a little script that adds substitles.

Check out some samples on, and let me know of some good other examples :)


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