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2012-06-18 [E] [D]
running Comments 0

To keep track of my running distances and timings, I logged my data to mapmyrun. I was not completely satisfied about it, due to slowness, some bugs, pervasive ads and the difficult process with which to do simple things (adding loops, adding intervals etc). They also recently changed their layout (which they appear to do more, according to some forums).

That was a good enough reason for me to look for an alternative. After trying a couple (,, mapometer, runningmap and, I decided to stay with

It is fairly quick, has a clean layout, allows export and import of data, and I understood most functionality quite quickly. It's log capabilities are advanced (having several types of intervals, equipment used, activity type, weather), and its map editor works like a charm and is stable. It also seems to have quite a good customizable analysis tool, like a community built around it. But I haven't tried both yet. is completely free, yet there are some ads shown on the page that disappear upon subscription.

2012-06-12 [E] [D]
bash,code,linux Comments 0

Sometimes I perform some parameter studies with bash. Having four cores, it would be a shame to only use one of them. One could just background all processes, and let the OS manage it. This will result in bad performance.

It would be wiser to at all times allow at most four scripts to run simultaneously. Bash does not provide such facility. Hence, below is a script which can be sourced.

The script allows tuning the MAX_NPROC parameter, the maximum number of simultaneous scripts.

Available functions are

  • new_job (for regular commands with pipes and stuff),
  • new_job_f (for internal functions),
  • wait_jobs (wait for completion) and
  • kill_jobs (kill all running jobs).

Download, or click the view more link to view the contents.


2012-06-10 [E] [D]
youtube,music Comments 0

Some tables on Wikipedia have quite a lot of rows. If one is only interested in a small subset, then it is difficult to see that subset in one screen.

The following userscript filter.js (tested in Opera, and hence should work in Firefox too with Greasemonkey) adds a textbox for each column in a wikipedia article. Each textbox will filter out rows whose respective column does not match the (javascript) regex.

It should work in

  • Opera <=12 (tested; works natively using userscripts)
  • Opera >=15 (tested; use Tampermonkey or Control-Freak (use inner code of the function, rather than the function)
  • Chrome (tested; use Tampermonkey script)
  • Firefox (untested; use GreaseMonkey)

edit: There is still a bug: when sorting, the filter row gets sorted too.

Test it on or!


Tom Waits has this amazing discography, but one song (of the many) I can keep on listening to, and which I have fond memories of, is the live Burma Shave / Summertime mashup.

Version 1 (is actually a whole show!)

Version 1

Version 2

It features Tom merging the melodies of Summertime and Burma-Shave, a fantastic ramble and homage to Elvis before he goes on to an expanded version of Burma-Shave. Those incredibly powerful and intensely visual lyrics of the piece are abundant as Waits conjures the dark narrative and it concludes with him despairingly singing the lyrics of Summertime in a fantastic contrast to the depressing end of the song. Sublime stuff.

Couldn't say it any better :)


2012-06-04 [E] [D]
osx Comments 0

Edit: I moved this to its own page

OSX is not my favourite OS, but at work I "have" to use it.

To make it more usable, I have installed some tools, which I'll list here. It will get updates as I find new tools.


2012-06-03 [E] [D]
music Comments 0

Bill Graham (born Wolfgang Wolodia Grajonca in Berlin) was an impressario and rock concert promotor. He owned a couple of music theaters, like the Filmore West, Winterland and Filmore East, dealt in psychedelic posters, was an actor (Apocalypse Now) etc. In the late 60's he started to meticulously record performances, and archive them, until his tragic helicopter crash in 1991.

Around 2001, Bill Sagan (former CEO of an insurance company, who owns probably he biggest collection of rock memorabilia in the world) acquired the archives. He and his 14-men crew spent two years cataloging and digitizing the musical treasure. We're pretty lucky to have it available:

The concerts were recorded on 3M Scotch tape, which proved incredibly durable. "99.9% of what we have on the website is in mint condition," Sagan said.

-- Selling rock 'n' roll history, one ticket stub at a time

Not all is available for free, but nonetheless, the available material is very interesting and worth a look.

2012-05-23 [E] [D]
music,youtube Comments 0

Hold On, I'm Coming by Sam & Dave backed by Booker T. & the MGs on the 1966 Stax/Volt European tour. Can that go wrong? No it can't.

The song was written by Isaac Hayes and David Porter, who formed the Stax song writing team during those days. The former was doing his business in the bathroom, when Hayes urged him to come listen to the amazing tune he had just found. Porter shouted "Hold on, I'm coming", which eventually became the title.

2012-05-22 [E] [D]
bash,linux,osx Comments 0

Resolving a path in bash in a cross platform way:

function resolve_path {
    cd "$(dirname "$1")"

or oneliner

path="$(cd "$(dirname "$path")"; pwd)";

To get the full path of the current script, one can use

path="$(cd "$(dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}")"; pwd  )"
which works regardless of $0's value.

2012-05-16 [E] [D]
youtube Comments 0

Richard Feynmann talking about how deep scientific analysis and understanding does not remove any of the beauty it, but rather adds to the beauty.

He's trying to find out how the world is, rather than how we would want it to be: it's better to live with uncertainty and not knowing, than having answers which might be wrong.

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