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2012-06-10 [E] [D]
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Tom Waits has this amazing discography, but one song (of the many) I can keep on listening to, and which I have fond memories of, is the live Burma Shave / Summertime mashup.

Version 1 (is actually a whole show!)

Version 1

Version 2

It features Tom merging the melodies of Summertime and Burma-Shave, a fantastic ramble and homage to Elvis before he goes on to an expanded version of Burma-Shave. Those incredibly powerful and intensely visual lyrics of the piece are abundant as Waits conjures the dark narrative and it concludes with him despairingly singing the lyrics of Summertime in a fantastic contrast to the depressing end of the song. Sublime stuff.

Couldn't say it any better :)


2012-06-04 [E] [D]
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Edit: I moved this to its own page

OSX is not my favourite OS, but at work I "have" to use it.

To make it more usable, I have installed some tools, which I'll list here. It will get updates as I find new tools.


2012-06-03 [E] [D]
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Bill Graham (born Wolfgang Wolodia Grajonca in Berlin) was an impressario and rock concert promotor. He owned a couple of music theaters, like the Filmore West, Winterland and Filmore East, dealt in psychedelic posters, was an actor (Apocalypse Now) etc. In the late 60's he started to meticulously record performances, and archive them, until his tragic helicopter crash in 1991.

Around 2001, Bill Sagan (former CEO of an insurance company, who owns probably he biggest collection of rock memorabilia in the world) acquired the archives. He and his 14-men crew spent two years cataloging and digitizing the musical treasure. We're pretty lucky to have it available:

The concerts were recorded on 3M Scotch tape, which proved incredibly durable. "99.9% of what we have on the website is in mint condition," Sagan said.

-- Selling rock 'n' roll history, one ticket stub at a time

Not all is available for free, but nonetheless, the available material is very interesting and worth a look.

2012-05-23 [E] [D]
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Hold On, I'm Coming by Sam & Dave backed by Booker T. & the MGs on the 1966 Stax/Volt European tour. Can that go wrong? No it can't.

The song was written by Isaac Hayes and David Porter, who formed the Stax song writing team during those days. The former was doing his business in the bathroom, when Hayes urged him to come listen to the amazing tune he had just found. Porter shouted "Hold on, I'm coming", which eventually became the title.

2012-05-22 [E] [D]
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Resolving a path in bash in a cross platform way:

function resolve_path {
    cd "$(dirname "$1")"

or oneliner

path="$(cd "$(dirname "$path")"; pwd)";

To get the full path of the current script, one can use

path="$(cd "$(dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}")"; pwd  )"
which works regardless of $0's value.

2012-05-16 [E] [D]
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Richard Feynmann talking about how deep scientific analysis and understanding does not remove any of the beauty it, but rather adds to the beauty.

He's trying to find out how the world is, rather than how we would want it to be: it's better to live with uncertainty and not knowing, than having answers which might be wrong.

Пусть бегут неуклюже (Let Them Run Clumsily), a Russian birthday song. Imho very catchy :)

This version is with lyrics in English and Russian, and is from Cheburashka

Пусть бегут неуклюже
Пешеходы по лужам,
А вода — по асфальту рекой.
И неясно прохожим
В этот день непогожий,
Почему я веселый такой.

(Rough translation: Let the clumsy pedestrians run among the puddles. and let the water go across the asphalt like a river. And it's unclear to the passers going by on this foul-weather day, why I am so happy.)

Я играю на гармошке
У прохожих на виду
К сожаленью, день рожденья
Только раз в году.

(Chorus: I am playing on an accordion in plain view of the people going by. Too bad birthdays only happen once a year.)

Прилетит вдруг волшебник
В голубом вертолете
И бесплатно покажет кино.
С днем рожденья поздравит
И, наверно, оставит
Мне в подарок пятьсот «эскимо».

(A wizard will probably arrive suddenly in a light-blue helicopter and show a film for free. He'll congratulate me on my birthday and will probably give me a present of 500 Eskimos (refers to a kind of ice cream on a stick))

2012-05-08 [E] [D]
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Sometimes I have a file containing in some column a list of numbers, of which I want to have some basic numbers calculated, like sum, average, and standard deviation. Here are some bash "one liners", finishing with a grand finale doing all together. Assume our data is in the 4th column of file $file.

Note I say bash here, but actually it works in any "normal" shell since it just makes use of binaries file, paste, bc, sort and awk.


cut -f4 $file | paste -sd+ - | bc


2012-05-06 [E] [D]
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