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2012-08-27 [E] [D]
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It's been exactly 22 years since Stevie Ray Vaughan died tragically in an helicopter crash. Someone posted this awesome video. I put it down here, so I can occasionally listen to it.

2012-07-31 [E] [D]
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An interesting set of dot-files

2012-07-14 [E] [D]
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I'll add here from time to time tabs I regularly find myself looking up over and over again. The tabs won't show up in the default listing, so you'll have to visit the tabs tag!

Since they're not mine, I'll always add some source. Someday I hope to be able to tab it all myself. ;)

To format all chords, I had to create a regex to recognize them. The one you can see here, has not been tested extensively, but seems to recognize most important ones.


Notice that there is a slash burried down, so if you try to use it with unix tools or PHP's preg_*, don't forget to use a different delimiter or escape it.

For example, in php next snippet wraps all seemingly chord symbols in a span element with class chord

    function($m) { return '<span class="chord">'.$m[1].'</span>'.$m[count($m)-1]; },

2012-07-13 [E] [D]
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This one is from the album Duet, which features piano genii Chick Corea and Hiromi. Duet was recorded in 2008 at the Tokyo Blue Note jazz club.

Hiromi and Corea probably got to do this record because when she was a 17 year old piano child prodigy, Uehara stumbled by accident on Chick Corea. He must have heard of her before, because the next day she was invited to play at his concert in Tokyo. I have unfortunately not found yet any footage of that concert.

2012-07-08 [E] [D]
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Thursday the 5th of July, I went to the first day of the Gent Jazz Festival. The eye catcher was Paco de Lucía. I'll paste here some of its reviews, with footage of the concert (I'll update it as I find more of it).


2012-07-03 [E] [D]
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I've been trying lout as a LaTeX replacement recently. Reasons for trying LaTeX alternatives were

  • slow compilation;
  • error prone, with unclear error messages;
  • as soon as you want to do something a bit more alien, LaTeX's twisted setup will make it very hackish to do so.

Lout has advantages, like

  • very small binary;
  • good system where all utilities are provided by a couple of default-included files, like tables, graphics, plots ...;
  • quick compilation;
  • extensive documentation.

but also disadvantages

  • macros have no parameters;
  • and definitions are not macros: they need to have valid code;
  • no support for including bitmap images. This is possible to do with a filter, but I use images often with definitions, and filters don't seem to cooperate with parameters;
  • not supported as widely and
  • paper usually have styles only for latex

Despite lout's good intentions, I think I'll be moving back to LaTeX, with its wider support for tools and more users.

This is the story of how three people (Gail, Moorkens and me) unveiled a small part of Berlin.


2012-06-18 [E] [D]
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To keep track of my running distances and timings, I logged my data to mapmyrun. I was not completely satisfied about it, due to slowness, some bugs, pervasive ads and the difficult process with which to do simple things (adding loops, adding intervals etc). They also recently changed their layout (which they appear to do more, according to some forums).

That was a good enough reason for me to look for an alternative. After trying a couple (,, mapometer, runningmap and, I decided to stay with

It is fairly quick, has a clean layout, allows export and import of data, and I understood most functionality quite quickly. It's log capabilities are advanced (having several types of intervals, equipment used, activity type, weather), and its map editor works like a charm and is stable. It also seems to have quite a good customizable analysis tool, like a community built around it. But I haven't tried both yet. is completely free, yet there are some ads shown on the page that disappear upon subscription.

2012-06-12 [E] [D]
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Sometimes I perform some parameter studies with bash. Having four cores, it would be a shame to only use one of them. One could just background all processes, and let the OS manage it. This will result in bad performance.

It would be wiser to at all times allow at most four scripts to run simultaneously. Bash does not provide such facility. Hence, below is a script which can be sourced.

The script allows tuning the MAX_NPROC parameter, the maximum number of simultaneous scripts.

Available functions are

  • new_job (for regular commands with pipes and stuff),
  • new_job_f (for internal functions),
  • wait_jobs (wait for completion) and
  • kill_jobs (kill all running jobs).

Download, or click the view more link to view the contents.


Some tables on Wikipedia have quite a lot of rows. If one is only interested in a small subset, then it is difficult to see that subset in one screen.

The following userscript filter.js (tested in Opera, and hence should work in Firefox too with Greasemonkey) adds a textbox for each column in a wikipedia article. Each textbox will filter out rows whose respective column does not match the (javascript) regex.

It should work in

  • Opera <=12 (tested; works natively using userscripts)
  • Opera >=15 (tested; use Tampermonkey or Control-Freak (use inner code of the function, rather than the function)
  • Chrome (tested; use Tampermonkey script)
  • Firefox (untested; use GreaseMonkey)

edit: There is still a bug: when sorting, the filter row gets sorted too.

Test it on or!


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