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This is the first part of my travels to Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

On the plane, the stewards came around asking for any needs. It surprised me to see that they were talking to and laughing with the passengers and acting very relaxed. I guess it was the Swedish mentality, which I wasn't used to :)


2013-01-21 [E] [D]
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A sublime band from Bogotá, Colombia: Monsieur Periné that brings Suin a la Colombiana, a coloured fusion of rhythms taken from the thirties French music (inspired by Django Reinhardt), Swing Gitano, popular Latin-American music, bossa nova, son cubano, salsa, cumbia, porro, raspa, bolero and mixing French, Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Monsieur Periné brings a mix of covers (Sabor a Mi, a 1959 bolero from Mexican Álvaro Carrillo), Cou Cou, by Django Reinhardt), hommages (When The Saints Go Marching In, sung by Louis Armstrong) and originals. The group comprises Catalina, leader, muse and definitive Madame Periné, with a golden voice, Camilo Parra (playing all kinds of instruments), Nicolás Junca on guitar, Fabián Peñaranda on contrabass, Miguel Guerra on percussion and Daniel Chebair on drums.

You can listen their Hecho a Mano album at their site or, more conveniently, on Hecho a Mano's soundcloud set.

2013-01-14 [E] [D]
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Inside The Actors Studio is a class at the Actors Studio Drama School where successful and accomplished actors, directors and writers are interviewed and answer questions from acting students.

Most of these classes are taped, and broadcast on television, and - of course - also viewable on youtube.

The series is presented by James Lipton who has his own peculiar way of interviewing. He meticulously prepares and researches his subjects, and often surprises them with the amount of details he can give. He then seems to fire off his questions, and let his interviewees talk freely and on all subjects. The interviews often though, seem not to flow naturally, but this is because it is a 5 hour class and a lot of editing is thus performed to cut the result down to an episode, which ranges from 30 minutes to over an hour, depending on the person.

There are an awful lot of interviews (not all on youtube), and many of the actors I don't even know, making them a little bit less interesting. But in general it is refreshing to see those people be a (more?) normal person, get to know their stories and see how they spread their knowledge.

Too bad Bill Murray will not appear.

2013-01-02 [E] [D]
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Many solutions exist already to the problem of getting the best hand for 5 and 7 cards in a poker game.

Whilst looking for a good, non-sorting, N-cards hand classifier, I was intrigued by a Cactus Kev's Poker Hand Evaluator use of prime numbers, and thought it was quite ingenious. I just based my solution loosely on his, and is not built for speed, like his.


2012-12-07 [E] [D]
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Jazz guitarist Grant Green plays this incredible tune, called Idle Moments, on the eponymous album, together with Bobby Hutcherson on vibes, Bob Cranshaw on bass, Al Harewood on drums and Joe Henderson on tenor saxophone.

It is such a laidback blues, with amazing musicians that I just have to keep on listening to it :)


2012-11-05 [E] [D]
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Work in progress

I've been playing lately with yesod. Since I've got this dreamhost account, I thought I'd try to install it on my account.

The script provided below allows you to do the same. Note that due to the limited resources an account has, a process might get killed. Just keep trying until it succeeds :)


2012-10-09 [E] [D]
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I'm trying out C++11 these days, and use clang++ as my compiler. However, there is still some failure to compile, outputting lines like

    error: expected a qualified name after 'typename'
    { typedef typename decay() : 
    declval<_Up>())>>::type type; };
    error: typedef name must be an identifier
    { typedef typename decay() : 
    declval<_Up>())>>::type type; };
    error: expected ';' at end of declaration list
    { typedef typename decay() : 
    declval<_Up>())>>::type type; }; shows the way to fix this:

There is already a patch for it, but it is not applied yet:

So one can just do:

  • sudo vi /usr/include/4/7*/type_traits
  • 1749G
  • Modify that line (if it looks somewhat similar :)) with

{{{ highlight c++ }}} { typedef typename decay<decltype(true ? declval<_Tp>() : declval<_Up>())>::type type; }; {{{ /highlight }}}

Since it will probably keep unpatched, I will encounter this error more, hence I put it here, so another google search of my will (hopefully) return this result :)

Someone posted on the internetz a link called "Part IIc - Keith Jarrett. The most beautiful piece I have ever heard".

I thought by myself, "I've heard a couple of songs of this Jarrett. It'll probably be not as good as best song ever, but let's give it a try anyway". After an inattentive listen it sounded nice, but I didn't think about it anymore. But, then, later that day, there was this urge to listen again to the song, and I became more intrigued. After a search on that same internetz, I found out it came from the album "The Köln Concert", and looked for it on youtube, and behold the full album was available.

Mesmerizing. Haunting. Beautiful.

Been listening three or four times a day now, and yet it fails to bore me in any way. It's over an hour long, yet after every listen I can't but think that an hour is really short.

We're lucky to have this concert, because it almost wasn't.


2012-09-21 [E] [D]
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A couple of days ago I heard a mesmerizing song on the radio. I was intrigued by the song and melody, but also by the noticeable accent of this beauty.

After the song had ended, the presentator said it was Jeanette with Porque te vas. The song features prominently in Cría Cuervos, which was broadcast in August 2012 on the Dutch TV, which might explain the fact it got some airtime.

The same happened in 1976: the song was written in 1974 by José Luis Perales, but did not gain worldwide attention until 1976 when Cría Cuervos went on to be honored on the Cannes Film Festival and Berlin Film Festival.

Jeanette was born in London to a Belgian-Congolese father and a Spanish mother, and grew up in Chicago and Californa until her 12, when she moved to Barcelona. It might just explain that accent :)

Lyrics below!


2012-09-16 [E] [D]
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A Honda CG125 is floating around here somewhere with some electrical faults. The manual can be easily found on the Internet, however the wiring schemes are of a very low quality, making it difficult to track the lines and read the colour codes.

Somebody already has performed some clarification on the scheme of the Honda CG125 E/F/J/K models, made after 1983. Unfortunately, our equipment is made before 1983, hence it must be a model E or K1/B/C.

To assist the debugging I made my own coloured version. It can be viewed further down this post, and is also available for download from this link.

No garantuees are given concerning the correctness of anything. Since they are often very hard to read, they will be wrong on more than one occasion. Hence, this image should be used as an easier way to track the wires, and not a reference work.

Any suggestions to improve are always welcome.

Honda CG125 C/E wiring

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