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2013-07-04 [E] [D]
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Interesting Miles Davis interview. (mirror)

Now I see why people looked at Playboy for the articles :)

2013-06-04 [E] [D]
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The left hand ostinato Ray Manzarek [RIP] plays on Riders on the Storm is so simple. It's nothing more than an Em and A chord, but sounds so sweet with those electrical piano vibes.

shows an excerpt from Mr. Mojo Risin':The Story of L.A. Woman where Ray himself talks about how Riders on the Storm came to be.


2013-04-09 [E] [D]
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Just an old, but very clear explanation of how one arrives at the differential that's being used in practically all cars so wheels can rotate at different speeds, while still being driven by the same engine.

2013-04-06 [E] [D]
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A fun musical piece of Dave "No Regular Time Signatures" Brubeck in 7/4.

I particularly was interested in the little gimmick, and also wanted to see how I could incorporate simple sheet music in this site. I stumbled upon a while ago and, having never encountered or looked for online musical javascript notation with playback capabilities, wanted to give it a try.

Below you can find the excerpt!


2013-03-31 [E] [D]
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A while ago Kristof decided to go travel to Northern Europe, and I joined his plans. This rather extensive series of posts recounts the adventures on this crazy trip.

Our itinerary


This is the final part of my travels to Sweden, Finland and Estonia. Lately, we were in Helsinki.

After debarking, we waited outside a bit for for Annika who'd arrive a tad later. She guided us to her home, where we found two other CS'ers.

She was conducting there an experiment to see how many people could fit in her small apartment, as five people (we two, Annika and Cyrille and Severin, two other Couch Sufers) had to sleep and keep their bags in the same room. Human-tetris-wise, it all worked out perfectly :)


This is the fifth part of my travels to Sweden, Finland and Estonia. We just came in from Rovaniemi to visit Helsinki and Porvoo!

After the quiet and open atmosphere of Rovaniemi, it was quite a shock to walk around again in a dense city: everywhere buildings, everywhere people, everywhere cars, and noises all around. Rovaniemi looked boring when we arrived, but after arriving in Helsinki, I came to appreciate the tranquility it offered.

Elephant casually riding by


Anyway, no time to waste here, we've got to get moving!

Check-in at the hostel, located quite well in the center, but known for its loud guests.


This is the fourth part of my travels to Sweden, Finland and Estonia. We traveled by train from Tampere!

The travel went smooth, and after about 8 hours we arrived at -10°C amidst the snow.

First foot in Rovaniemi


This is the third part of my travels to Sweden, Finland and Estonia. We arrived in Tampere by train from Turku!

Tampere (pronunciation) is in the South of Finland, and the most populous region around in the Nordic countries. It's located between two lakes (if you're interested and can pronounce them, they're called Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi), and used to be the center of the Finnish industry, many remnants of which can be seen throughout the city. And it's also a vibrant student city, where all students wear pants (no surprise there) with the color corresponding to their major!


This is the second part of my travels to Sweden, Finland and Estonia. Before this, we were in Stockholm!

And so we arrived with sleepy eyes in Finland, land of Sibelius and long-haired people playing heavy metal (which doesn't seem to clash with their shyness and appreciation of silence), where they make cell phones and Angry Birds, and where people live in their sauna or swim in the icy water, and speak a language nobody understands. :)


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