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2013-08-22 [E] [D]
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source :)

2013-08-14 [E] [D]
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Just returned from Pukkelpop 2013. I note here, for further possible reference, all bands I've seen in full, or partly. Maybe later I'll add some small reviews, or something.


This is the fifth part of my travels in Czech Republic. The bus took me here from [Brno](/2013/08/10/czech-brno ).

Going from České Budějovice to Český Krumlov proved to be easy as pie, and soon I found myself in Český Krumlov.

Český Krumlov entrance

My hostel, just next to the entrance :)

Český Krumlov is situated along the Vltava river, and is mainly known for its beautifull inner town and castle.

It came into existence in the 13th century and grew around the castle, and features Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements. Because of the well preservedness for over five centuries, and its typicalness for a small central European medieval town, it's enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

As I left the bus, I had no idea yet where to sleep, but just entering the pueblito there was already hostel 99 seeking my attention with it's cosy interior and fair price. I got myself a bed in the roof and started exploring the city!


This is the fourth part of my travels in Czech Republic. Previously, I was in Olomouc.

While I was enjoying the wonderful scenery the train stops at a station, way sooner than expected, and suddenly everybody leaves the train. Surprised, I ask a backpacker girl what's happening, and she says were switching to bus now. There's buses to Brno, and Brno hl.n — which one to take? I went for the hl.n one, and arrived where I wanted to be :)

Crazy view from the train to Brno

Brno train station

It was a touring bus with popular nineties music piercing through the speakers. Luckily the Moravian scenery remained as impressive as from the train, with wild bambis jumping through the wide fields.


Brno is the biggest city in Moravia (eastern region), and the second biggest one in whole of Czech Republic. Hence, it's the political and cultural center of the Moravia.

After the Industrial Revolution it became one of the Austrian industrial centers. Even this day it has one of the main weaponfactories in Europe.

Notable persons include Kurt Gödel (born in Brno), Gregor Mendel and Leoš Janáček (only notable, because I've read that name so many times in 1Q84 :])


This is the second part of my travels in Czech Republic. I came in from Prague.

The train ride from Prague passed beautiful landscapes, with wide, sunny fields, idyllic houses on hills amidst trees and sunflowers. My attention was taken away from all this by a man that was walking the train up and down, selling food and drinks. Something that I wouldn't mind on Belgian trains :)

Two hours of this scenery later, I arrived in Kutná Hora.

Lovely view from the train

Welcome to Kutná Hora!


This is the third part of my travels in Czech Republic. A train ride away from Kutná Hora to this place.

With a setting sun, I arrived at Olomouc station. I bought a tram ticket, and found Poet's Corner hostel without any problems.

The road to Olomouc

Heading to the hostel

While still in Kutná Hora I informed Jiri about my arrival late in the evening. Right after my checkin, I got a phone call from him. We would meet 30 minutes later. So I took a quick shower, and when I was ready he was already standing there. He hadn't changed a hair :)


This is the first part of my travels in Czech Republic.

Around noon, Antwerp.

The Airport express takes me full throttle to BRU, where the airplane's ready, but waiting for a man named "Daim Maximilian". After several failed attempts of the crew to locate him, we leave without Daim.

At Prague Airport, I arrived in hot weather, even though weather forecast wasn't so sunny.


2013-08-05 [E] [D]
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In August my university always closes for a week, and even though there were some interesting events happening that week, I decided to travel.

But, whereto?

A friend had recently gone to Czech Republic, and had some Czech crownes left. As flights to Czech Republic were one of the cheapest flights, I thought "Maybe I can help him get rid of his money, explore unknown territory and visit a friend I know from Colombia"!

Sometimes, the only thing you have to do is look at what is offered to you :)

And so I booked my flight an unusual whopping 7 early days in advance!



2013-07-27 [E] [D]
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I wanted to download a stream from BBC, but it didn't seem like something any of the default download helpers could fetch.

Apparently, some enthousiasts have coded an alternative for BBC: get_iplayer

To get a stream from for example, note the id b0103z8j and use it

get_iplayer  --pid=b0103z8j

It'll download to an m4a or something alike.

2013-07-20 [E] [D]
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Saturday I went to the Belgium Rythm 'n' Blues Festival aka Blues Peer.

Blues Peer 2013

The line-up:

THE ROBERT CRAY BAND [USA] [22u00 - 23u30]
HUGH LAURIE [UK] [18u00 - 19u15]
THE DELTA SAINTS [USA] [15u00 - 16u00]
RITA ENGEDALEN [NO] [13u30 - 14u30]
SUGAR BOY AND THE SINNERS [NL] [12u00 - 13u00]


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