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This page is my check list for when I'm going out, boldly exploring where many and sometimes not so many have gone before.

It is a constant work in progress, and as such is bound to change with every travel I set out for, every time becoming a bit more complete.

Transport (hide)

This is my selection of sites that I use for going from somewhere to another somewhere

  • really good site to search with following killer features:

    • leave destination empty to search for all destinations (good if you don't know yet where you're going to :))

    • get a graph of the prices for a period (month or year)

    • allows you to buy directly at the airline company

  • quick 'n' dirty way to look for a limited number of flights

  • find cheap flights, possibly with hidden cities

Accomodation (hide)

I usually check into hostels or use couch surfing, unless not possible.

Before leaving

What should one not forget going when traveling the road less traveled?


When leaving home

Going by

Plane (hide)

Car (hide)

Bike (hide)

Sources 1 2 3



Renting some little house or stuff (hide)

Hostels (hide)

Surfing the couch (hide)

Festivals (hide)

Snowboard/Ski (hide)

Cold areas (hide)

Really cold areas (hide)

Conferences (hide)

Adventure/camping (hide)

What to do (hide)

Feel free to suggest more in the comments :)

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