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There are some tools I only use from time to time, but which took me a while to find. So, I list them here as a reference.

  • Converting flac+cue to ogg with vorbisgain: flacon
  • Collection of OSX compiler tools without the need to install XCode osx-gcc-installer

  • SpeedCrunch very good fast and lightweight calculator. Get at least version 0.12 (or compile) as it has support for user-defined functions! Only thing it's missing, imho, is some typesetting.

  • ncdu ncurses disk usage analyzer -- i.e. find those large files without find and sort (and then forgetting to use the -nr flag)

  • osx (see also this post)

    • karabiner allows mapping the home and end key to a PC style home and end key
    • iTerm2 terminal emulator, with builtin "quake style terminal" (Press F6 to have a terminal ready at all times)
    • BetterTouchTool modify or add new shortcuts (e.g. move window to right side by sliding with three fingers on the magic mouse), add snapping (like Windows snap: drag a window to the top, and it will maximize), and change the behaviour of the window zoom button
    • Skim PDF reader which more options than the default reader
    • tunnelblick VPN client
    • TinkerTool allows to tune some hidden settings
    • XtraFinder add tabs, cut support (YES) and some more to Finder
    • qlstephen allow Finder's QuickLook to preview also extensionless files (and it seems also others, like .ned files)
    • Homebrew awesome OSX package manager (don't forget to install homebrew-cask)
    • SleepWatcher execute respectively ~/.sleep and ~/.wake upon hibernate and wakeup
    • safari extensions
    • Imagus image preview on hover
    • uBlock
    • TamperMonkey and install my scripts
    • itsycal very tiny, lightweight calendar
    • (curated list of cool OSX programs:

  • firefox plugins

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