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I was looking for a web-based project that allows one to do CRUD operations in an easy way, without needing a complex GUI such as phpMyAdmin or adminer. A very limited amount of good solutions were found, so I set out to create my own project: PHP MySQL Explorer (PME for short?)

The project is very easy to setup: git clone or just download the latest version.

Rename the file index.php to something else (or just keep it that way), add a configuration file, which has the same name but the suffix .inc.php instead of .php, and add the following minimal data to the file


$host='localhost'; // where to connect to -- usually something like localhost
$db=''; // MySQL database name
$user=''; // MySQL username
$pw=''; // MySQL password for the user

Now you can just browse, edit, update and delete rows on all tables. If the database is designed with foreign keys, it will take those into account and create links where necessary.


  • CRUD operations on tables in a basic but function GUI
  • Written in PHP *(dunno if that's a feature?) using PDO
  • Automatically creates links using the foreign key constraints (hence the database must be a InnoDB, and not a MyISAM)
  • Additional user system
  • Permissions for users for any of the CRUD operations on any table using a simple rule system
  • Configurable (and includes a configuration generator)

You can try it out on the demo page, with username demo and password demo.

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